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Summer Pyjamas sky blue


Summer Pyjamas sky blue – SNORK Copenhagen

Sizes: 2 to 10 years

Shipping from 6,75 €

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Summer Pyjamas sky blue – by SNORK Copenhagen

Summer Pyjamas sky blue by SNORK Copenhagen, made from 100% organic cotton. The top comes with cool understated buttons and the shorts with a natural white band. These super soft pyjamas in vibrant blue are perfect for those naturally-warm children who prefer cooler, light-weight night clothes.

  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Shipping Costs: Denmark: 29 DKK; Europe: from 6,75 €, international: upon request

The Label – SNORK Copenhagen

SNORK Copenhagen is a Danish company designing and producing children’s nightwear made from pure and soft organic materials in a range of unique colors. SNORK Copenhagen was established by Lisa Cusack in the end of 2015 and has already become a popular nightwear brand for kids and tweens.

SNORK Copenhagen’s big passion is to create long-lasting yet stylish basic clothes which appeal to kids as well as their parents. SNORK’s design is calm and minimalistic and expresses the Scandinavian spirit of living.

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