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Pirate ‘One Eyed’ Jack


Pirate ‘One Eyed’ Jack – by Lauvely

Size: 33 cm

Shipping costs from 5,50 €

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Pirate ‘One Eyed’ Jack – by Lauvely

The Teenie Pirate ‘One Eyed’ Jack – blue edition -, knitted with soft 100% lambswool and hand-embroidered. When Jack lost his eye and became lame of one leg, he left the pirate life and went to live to a little village by the sea. There he learnt to play the ukulele and to use his peg leg as a percussion instrument. Now, every night he amuses the moon and the mermaids with his cheerful songs.

This special pirate is a friend for life and makes a precious present boys will love.

  • Handmade in Spain
  • Material: 100% Lambswool; Filling: Non-toxic 100% polyester stuffing
  • Laundry Tips: hand wash in cold water
  • Shipping Costs:
    • European Union (EU): from  5,50 EUR
    • Worldwide: from 15,50 EUR

The Label – Lauvely

Lauvely is about Laura Cim, Grafic Designer and Maker. She studied Advertising Graphic Design in the Oviedo Art School and worked as a designer for 10 years, until it came the day when she thought that it was better to design for the best costumers: for children. Then it was born Lauvely, a little brand of design, illustration and knitted toys.

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