Pepe&Nika is your style guide for international and cool kids fashion. We’re sailing through the infinite cosmos of the digital fashion to find the most beautiful labels & designers from around the world. Follow us on our fashion journey as we show you the latest in trendy basics, hip fair-trade fashion and unique designer pieces

The infinite vastness of the internet doesn’t always make it easy to find just the thing you’re looking for. It is a challenge to stay on top of things, while being flooded by brands, products, designers, fashion blogs and shops from all over the world. 

More than ever, we wish for selected recommendations, that make it easier to quickly find the latest and fashionable styles to our liking. 

We address the issue and browse even the most hidden corners of the internet to present well-researched, personal and tenderly selected children’s wear on a daily basis. Just as our favorite brands, we focus on hand-made creation and presentation: We prefer hours of on- and offline research over the automated search algorithms.

We want to inspire you and keep you up-to-date, so you won’t miss any trends! Stay tuned for the latest looks, hip outfits for every occasion and extraordinary designer pieces by established and emerging brands.