Only recently an incredible and exceptionally beautiful children’s fashion label for babies and toddlers emerged in the Märkische Schweiz, not far from the busy urban life in Berlin.

At Nayumi, traditional handcraft and design are combined with high-quality and extraordinary cuts. In this manner, enchanting and always limited collections are created for boys and girls.

Inspired by Indonesian culture Tine and Angga, the self-starters at Nayumi, the world of children’s fashion with colourful uniqueness and a child-friendly designs.

tine and angga by nayumiTine and Angga – Founders of Nayumi © Nayumi

pepe and nika presents nayumi for kids and babies kimono dress dungaree made from handwoven cotton from indonesiaBeautiful Kimono Onezie “Setia” by © Nayumi

Particularly lovely: Every piece of clothing has its own suitable name in Indonesian. You can choose between cute kimonos named “Pada” (rice) or “Setia” (loyal) and many more. The pretty overall “Mentari”, which translates to “sun”, combines golden baggy trousers with lagoon-colored traditional body patterns and  lives up to its name.

Every single pattern used for the clothing pieces has its own story based on Indonesian traditions – all of which can be found on the website, just like the production and manufacturing – handmade, transparent, honest and beautiful!

Read for yourself the story of the two founders Tine and Angga, how they came up with their label and what makes Nayumi so special and lovable.

tine and anggaTine and Angga – Founders of Nayumi © Nayumi

Tine and Angga, how did you come up with the idea of founding a children’s fashion label?

We met when our two older children were three years old. Actually, the idea for Nayumi came up at the very first meeting. When Angga, who was born in Jakarta, told that she sells home accessories made of traditional Indonesian woven fabrics, Tine immediately had to tell her about the idea she had been carrying around since the birth of her son.

What is the idea behind Nayumi?

Children’s clothing made from traditional textiles from all over the world. Our cuts are simple but speciall, the workmanship of the high-quality and each collection different form the previous one since the fabrics come from a different country every time.

Tine, who originally studied textile design, had always bought many fabrics on her many travels. And when the first child was there and the search for children’s clothes beyond light blue and pink began, the idea was born. We decided to go for it and started with the Indonesian fabrics.

Every fabric a story – every piece an unique garment © Nayumi

How did you start with Nayumi?

At the beginning everything went extremely fast. Within a short time we had three cuts ready that we definitely wanted to try. Only a few months later Angga was with her family in Indonesia and selected the fabrics on the spot – we were sending hundreds of pictures back and forth to find the right ones. Together with a friend of ours, who is a costume designer, we worked out the cuts in Berlin and agreed on the sizes. Then we ran out of money.

tine baliTine at the weaving mill © Nayumi

Wie habt ihr dann weitergemacht?

We both don’t have any background in the fashion industry and had no idea about what’s the best way to start a fashion label. We are both quite enthusiastic and have courage to just try our ideas. But there were many steps that we hadn’t thought about before and we were a bit lost how to manage these steps. At some point we just produced as many clothes as we had fabrics and set up a really cool website with beautiful images of these wonderful clothing pieces. We’re in love with the stuff!

How did you come up with the name Nayumi?

Nayumi is a fantasy word composed of the first syllables of our oldest kids – Nalia and Yuki. It just sounds beautiful to us!

angga buying materialsAngga with her child buying fabrics © Nayumi

What is so special about Nayumi?

For us Nayumi is more than a fashion label.  There are too few beautiful children’s fashion labels and we want to change that. But more important, our clothing reflects the beauty of traditional craftsmanship. All garments are one 100% handmade: The materials are dyed and woven by hand, and we buy them directly from the local weaving mills,  for this collection on Java, Sumatra and Bali.

In doing so, we seek to make a long-term contribution to supporting and, above all, admiring traditional craftsmanship. In the next step all our pieces are crafted by hand – at the moment by our friend and tailor Lupi, who receives regular orders with our help.  So do not wonder if you won´t find any overlock or other seams on our garments. Everything is made with French seams and double layers of fabric to make sure that the clothes have a long lifetime.

Lupi_unsere_schneiderin_at_workdressmaker Lupi at work © Nayumi

Where can you buy Nayumi and what is the future of the label?

So far we have one boutique in Berlin selling our products.

Also we also sell on our online shop.

We are already searching for new fabrics for our next collection. For the next year we are thinking of several boutiques Europe-wide – the clothes need to be seen and worn by more people!

We cannot disagree. The current collection by Nayumi does not only look exceptionally beautiful, but is with heart and soul an enrichment and surely a model for the future of (children’ s) fashion! We say THANK YOU to Tine and Angga for their courage, engagement and the lovely designs, which certainly won not only our hearts, right?

And last but not least, as Tine and Angga put it:

Kids are great because …

…they open your heart to the things that truly matter.

…they completely live in the moment.

…they relentlessly show us who we really are.

…they let us grow together with them.

And here some inspiration from the latest collection of Nayumis magic– enjoy!

Little dress “Cahaya” © Nayumi

Baby Kimono “Asmara” © Nayumi

Dungaree”Bulan” © Nayumi

nayumi mentariDungaree”Mentari” © Nayumi

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