Spectacular sights, colorful faces and a feast like no other…it’s definitely a clear picture of what Carnival season would look like, and it sure sounds like a lot of fun! As a kid, I’ve seen all the things that the Carnival can offer – from the ghastly carnival costumes of yesteryears up to my favorite snacks that countless shacks could offer (corndogs, cotton fluffs and candy apples….seemingly endless!). Mmmmm, if only I could turn back time and be a kid myself, eh? What was your favorite Carnival memory as a kid?

The Carnival has been around for ages, with its roots tracing back to the Ancient Roman times honoring the start of another year and rebirth of nature. Now, we know the Carnival as a festival that takes place in the last days and hours before Lent (as it is practiced in most Roman Catholic nations).

Fasching, as it is known in Europe, may have varied starts depending on where it is held – some places (like Germany) may start their festivities at November 11th at 11:11 AM, while other places may choose to celebrate it during the day of the Epiphany.

Enough of the history for now, and let’s get to the fun part – carnival costumes are an important element to the festivities, as they can be a source of joy and excitement for your child. But what are some style ideas that we can cop for our kiddos? Let us to give you some options. Have a fun time scrolling through, and see these pieces for yourself:

Masks, Headpieces and Accessories

Oh, but who doesn’t love masks and headpieces? If your child ain’t the type to keep up with all the fluff a costume could provide, these funky accessories are the way to go!

Realistic Fox Animal Hat – Vaiva Nat

“What does the fox say?” This headpiece will make you sing in excitement!  Made with merino, wool and felt, these animal ears are unisex for good measure. Vaiva Nat is an upcoming creator on Etsy who concentrates on making wool pieces for everyone.

Realistic Fox Animal Hat - Vaiva Nat for carnival costumes© Vaiva Nat

Multicolored Bunny Costume – Meri Meri

Bunny ears will never go out of style! We love this set in particular because aside from the ears, it also comes with a bushy bunny tail that definitely makes a statement.  It is created by Meri Meri, a brand that specializes in high-quality party favors and stationery.

Multicolored Bunny Costume - Meri Meri for carnival costumes©  Meri Meri

Felt Wolf Mask – Frida’s Tierchen

The wolf is out to come and play! This felt wolf mask is as classy as it can get – made with 100% wolf felt and recycled polyester, your kids will have a grand time wearing this piece. This one is a Frida’s Tierchen creation, and the brand is popular for creating artisan dolls, animals and complements.

Felt Wolf Mask - Frida’s Tierchen for carnival costumes© Frida’s Tierchen

Indian Rainbow Feather Headdress – Smallable Toys

The feathered Native American headdress will always be a staple in the carnival costumes department, so why not make it count with this multicolored piece in tow? This one is from Smallable Toys, a division of Smallable.com which specializes in children’s toys and decorations.

Indian Rainbow Feather Headdress - Smallable Toys for carnival costumes© Smallable Toys

Tulle Fairy Wand – Numero 74

If we were to go back in time as a child in the midst of the Carnival season, we’d definitely want this wand for ourselves! This golden wand made with majestic cotton and tulle is designed by Numero 74, an Italian label that’s known for its unique handmade pieces for children’s bedroom decoration.

Tulle Fairy Wand - Numero 74 for carnival costumes© Numero 74

Fairy Crown – Numero 74

Also, if you’re feeling fancy, why not put in this cute fairy crown in the picture as well? It’s from the same brand so your kid is well-coordinated. Hurrah for fairy-inspired carnival costumes!

Fairy Crown - Numero 74 for carnival costumes© Numero 74

Beige Bunny Hat – Mini Dressing

Another contender in the bunny costume department is this Beige Bunny Hat from Mini Dressing, a label which offers a selection of cute clothing and accessories that your kids will love. Simple and sweet can be the trend during Carnival season, y’know.

Beige Bunny Hat - Mini Dressing for carnival costumes© Mini Dressing


Costumes and Get-ups

Uh-huh, it’s time for the good stuff! Here are some costumes and get-ups that your kids will enjoy wearing.

Animal Costumes

First on our list of animal costumes will always, always be the unicorn ones. This one in particular is created by Maii-Berlin, an Etsy shop that specializes in kids costumes and accessories.

Pepe&Nika Maii-Berlin carnival costumes© Maii-Berlin

If you’re looking for another variety, then this Little Pony-esque one may suit your taste. This Cotton French terry onesie is created by Thumbelina Workshop, a store based in Tel-Aviv, Israel that creates one-of-a-kind toddler costumes.

Pepe&Nika Thumbelina Workshop carnival costumes© Thumbelina Workshop

If your daughter is more of a swan princess fan, then this adorable made-to-order costume is for her!

Pepe&Nika Inbal Carmi Studio carnival costumes© Inbal Carmi Studio

Also, let’s not forget about the foxes. Both of these animal costumes are created by Inbal Carmi Studio, and they do take their Halloween costumes seriously!

Pepe&Nika Inbal Carmi Studio carnival costumes© Inbal Carmi Studio

Lastly, this Chouette Multicolored ensemble from Petit Mask is simply adorable. We love how it mixes basic shades of grey and blue with shocking pops of color. The toy brand focuses on handmade costumes and accessories for kids.

Pepe&Nika Petit Mask carnival costumes© Petit Mask


Concept Costumes

If movies and books are your inspiration for your child’s costume, then look no further – this Queen of Hearts outfit is out to give them some pop culture points! This one is also created by Inbal Carmi Studio.

Pepe&Nika Inbal Carmi Studio carnival costumes© Inbal Carmi Studio

As kids, we once dreamed of landing on the moon and becoming astronauts. Allow your little ones to share that dream with this astronaut costume from Melissa & Doug. The brand is simply the best when it comes to making costumes that bring childhood fantasies to life.

Pepe&Nika Melissa & Doug carnival costumes

© Melissa & Doug

And there goes the rest of ‘em! We hope you enjoyed diving through our list of carnival costumes. As the stage is set for the festivities, we hope you and your kids have a grand time (while staying fashionable at the same time). Ta-ta for now!

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