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Have you also always asked yourself, why organic children’s apparel is always looking so “eco”? If you’re intensively browsing through popular online shops, organic baby and children’s apparel usually comes in simple basics. The color spectrum often reaches from beige to ochre and the outfits are neither trendy nor timeless. The practical benefits are obviously most important here: organic clothing is supposed to be skin-friendly and natural. Especially children’s skin is sensitive and needs protection. Organic children’s apparel waives any materials that have may been subjected to pesticides and fertilisers in their production. Moreover, fair-trade fashion is focusing on working conditions fit for human beings.

Many large textile corporations like H&M, Zara and Gap have special organic collections or support more sustainability in the production of their products. Unfortunately though, organic clothing isn’t always 100% eco-friendly and fair-trade. Still it’s a step into the right direction and is hopefully explored honestly and improved sustainably.

Back to the look of clothing – we simply can’t accept that sustainable children’s apparel always has to look plain and crude. Of course, less colours, prints and materials mean less risk of skin incompatible or even cancer causing materials. However, we found some really neat labels off the beaten path, who prove that organic fashion can look super cool and modern – and who, at the same time, produce sustainably and in high quality just as good as the classic organic brands.

Thief & Bandit
We’re particularly taken with the collection by Canadian label Thief & Bandid. Amie Cunnigham is not only designing organic apparel for children, but also mums and dads can enter her dreamy world of fashion. The prints are a mix of ethno, glamour and frisky comfort. Inspired by nature, Amie Cunningham conjures magical patterns, that set themselves apart from the usual, but are suitable for daily use despite their soft peculiarity. Boys are wearing stylish leggings with casual t-shirts, while the girls are shining in wild-romantic dresses. Amie’s cool children’s apparel is originally handmade and all her fabrics are organic.

Source: Thief&Bandit

Source: Thief&Bandit

nosweet – big clothes for little people
The polish label nosweet delivers, what its name promises. Instead of cute teddy bears and corny heart shapes, the young label prefers offbeat prints combined with child-oriented and yet appealing colours. The cotton is 100% organic and GOTS certified (, meaning that the production is based on an agriculture, that manages without toxic pesticides and fertilisers to preserve the natural fertility of the soil. Furthermore, the certificate attests an appropriate keeping of animals and rules out genetic modification.
nosweet is even double organic. Not only the cotton used aligns with eco-standards, but also the pigments for the prints don’t include any harmful substances. nosweets is therefore wearable with a clear conscience and looks proper cool on top of that.

Source: nosweet

Gray Label – organic children’s apparel for the little minimalist
The Dutch Gray Label stands for more simplicity. Organic apparel for little minimalists is the motto of Emily Gray. In Amsterdam, she is designing collections for babies and children up to 8 years old. Her style is puristic. She makes sober natural colours look clear and cheerful. In her shop, parents and children may find everything the heart desires – onesies, bodies, little jackets, pyjamas and more. Naturally, the entire collection is 100% organic.

Source: Gray Label

Source: Gray Label

Our next discovery is Scandinavian. Islandic label MÓI aspires stylish and funky fashion that inspires sustainable living and being free. Quality is the prime focus: their production methods are certified as responsible, ethical and organic. Typically for Scandinavian fashion, MÓI counts on simplicity, design and clear lines. Completed by earth and pastel tones and a childish style, MÓI organic children’s apparel looks beautiful and is comfortable to wear for children inside and outside. MÓI, by the way, is the name of an islandic raven, who came to visit the designer family at home over the course of a few years. The mystic bird inspired and shows in the logo and many of their prints.

Source: MÓI

Source: MÓI

Anny Who
Innovative design doesn’t have to come from far away. The young label Anny Who resides in Hannover and was founded by Anna Wetzel and Anne Wendlandt. Fashion designer Anna and communication designer Anne draw their inspiration from the zeitgeist and create unconventional, unique prints for all ages. Their designs reflect seasonal themes, without being tied down to short-life fashion trends. Anny Who’s organic children’s apparel feels urban and suits girls and boys hanging out in the big cities of the world.

Pepe and Nika Anny Who organic Kindermode Leggings Baby Kind

Source: AnnyWho

Pepe and Nika Anny Who organic Kindermode Poster

Source: AnnyWho

Want to explore and shop some of the organic children’s apparel, we just presented to you? Visit our shop!

Title image: ©  Thief & Bandit

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