Eco baby clothes have gained popularity in recent years, as they slowly made their way onto store shelves. The eco trend is attracting more and more parents who want to invest in natural, healthy and quality products.
Here are the main benefits for why you should buy eco baby clothes, and a few recommendations to get you started!

The Benefits of Eco Baby Clothes

Eco baby clothes place health and environment first. They are made by sustainable production techniques that respect nature while offering the certainty only high quality materials provide. The fabrics are grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals. Cotton is the most popular fiber, but eco baby clothes are also made of silk, hemp or wool.
The main benefit of organic clothing is that it cares for the sensitive and delicate skin of your child. Eco baby clothes help prevent allergic reactions, while some also have antibacterial properties, like bamboo. Durability is another advantage. Clothes made of eco fibers are more resistant than traditional ones.
Unlike conventionally produced clothing, in which dyes may contain harmful toxic substances, organic wear is dyed using plant based textile colors. Some of the herbs used for this purpose may even have therapeutic or positive medicinal effects, helping to improve the overall health.
Last but not least, buying eco baby clothes is a responsible action that contributes to environmental protection. Companies that produce organic clothing usually ensure that their workers are treated fairly and paid properly. Eco crops help reduce pollution and create a safer work environment for farmers. The impact on communities can be regarded as positive, as it eliminates the risk associated with the use of toxic substances affecting the environment and workers.
Every choice you make and every action you take has a consequence on nature and the quality of your environment. When choosing organic products you contribute to creating a clean and healthy surrounding.

Buying organic clothes for your baby doesn’t mean that you have to make style compromises!

There are brands that create eco clothes with stylish cuts and cool prints while being comfortable and environmentally friendly produced at the same time.
And here we go with some our picks for the wintertime!

Newborn Hoodie Romper Suit
Coodo sees babies as “tiny miracles” and what better way to protect our miracles than dressing them with organically made clothing like this hoodie suit? It is made of 100% all-cotton and is really comfy.

Pepe&Nika Coodo Eco Baby

Macarons Classics Overall Crash

You should get this overall for your travels – it’s stylish and convenient, available in a multitude of colors and made of 100% organic cotton. Macarons, the company behind it, is all about family values!

Pepe&Nika Eco Baby macarons

Animal Hoodie Unicorn
This Unicorn hoodie created by Oeuf is fun and 100% eco-friendly, being made of Alpaca Wool. The creative minds behind the brand like to combine traditional craftsmanship with modern design.

Pepe&Nika Eco Baby Oeuf

Nevada Waistcoat 
Made of 100% organic cotton, this polar-lined waistcoat brings chic vibe to cold winter days. Omibia, the company behind it, is a luxurious baby clothing brand that is conscious about people, places, and natural processes.

Pepe&Nika Eco Baby Omibia

Cloud Sweater Pants
With a mission statement of protecting children from harmful chemicals and pollutants, Noch creates a variety of organic wares, and this cloud sweater pants is made of 100% alpaca wool. Highly organic stuff right here!

Pepe&Nika Eco Baby noch

Alpaca Wool Rabbit Baby Slippers and Mittens
Michael and Sophie Ryan are the brain behind Oeuf and with their organically made mittens they have been extending a helping hand! The gloves aren’t just cute but they also keep the cold from your baby’s hands. You can find them on Smallable, a concept store committed to promoting unique, health-conscious brands.

Pepe&Nika Eco Baby oeuf

Yet another exciting item from Oeuf! This pair of socks are on sale at Smallable and are completely made from organic materials, so, rest be assured, your baby’s feet are in safe “socks”

Pepe&Nika Eco Baby oeuf

Merry Pom
Rachel Goode from Briar knew she had to create a tie-hat that would capture the soul so she took things into her hands – literally! By hand crafting some of the best eco baby pom poms around.

Pepe&Nika Eco Baby briar

Baby Blanket Drops

Made of 100% Merino Wool, Wolf and Rita’s baby blanket will keep your baby warm and safe from chemical hazards.
Wolf and Rita prides itself on using finest quality fabrics and supporting their community.

Pepe&Nika Eco Baby Wolf&Rita

Tiger Bib
With sustainability at their focus, Monkind created this all-cotton bib from natural products that are highly eco-friendly and GOTS certified.

Pepe&Nika Eco Baby Monkind

Hooded Panda Snowsuit
Cassandra Rhodin from Mini Rodini is ethical and very imaginative when it comes to children clothing and this hooded onesie is an organic product of her amazing imagination

Pepe&Nika Eco Baby Mini Rodini




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