Our little ones…well, we all know that they have a fascination for all things cuddly and fluffy. I mean, who could resist giant teddy bear and life-sized plush toys? We’re even hooked as ever! These toys represent so much of our vivid imagination, and it’s great that our kids get to have something tangible to hold and snuggle (they’ll feel warm and protected, too). They’ll love you for it!

Today, we’ll be giving you a treat – here are some cuddly stuffed toys for you and your child to choose from! Take a pick from an assortment of designs – if it’s a giant teddy bear or snuggly rabbit that you fancy, then it’s all in here. Get one, two (or all) and have a blast with the kiddos!

Bear Caramel – Käthe Kruse


pepeandnika giant teddy bear käthe kruse germany cuddly toys

© Käthe Kruse

This giant teddy bear (that comes in a warm caramel color) is the exact thing that we’ve been looking for! Classic, not much frills but definitely something that’ll give your child the warmest hug. The Bear Caramel Dangle XXL is created by Käthe Kruse, a German powerhouse that has been making dolls and other lovable items for over a hundred years now.

Teddy Bear – Steiff

pepeandnika steiff giant teddy bear from germany cuddly toy

© Steiff

Another classic design in the giant teddy bear department, the Fynn teddy bear is ready to receive all the love and hugs your child could give! Made of soft plush and safe synthetic filling material, you’ll love how comfy this bear is. Trust us on that! This homegrown fave is from Steiff, one of the “world’s premier manufacturer of toys and collectibles”. The luxury toy brand sure knows their stuff!

Jumbo Korilakkuma –  Rilakkuma World


© Rilakkuma World

Are your kids more into the ~chibi~, kawaii variety? Then gather round and marvel at the Korilakkuma Jumbo Plush Toy from Rilakkuma World! This character is very likeable and has inspired waves and waves of fans and collectors, especially in many parts of Asia. It’s not your typical bear, it’s more than that!

Giant Panda Bear – Melissa and Doug

pepeandnika panda bear melissa and dough giant teddy bear

© Melissa & Doug

Meet our black and white furry friend! This Panda Bear Giant Stuffed Animal from Melissa and Doug is truly one of a kind. It’s “two feet tall, and ready to hug!” Bear lovers of any age will surely appreciate its quality construction and design. You’ll definitely want one for yourself, too!

Big Friend Rabbit – bebemoss


Pepeandnika giant teddy bear giant bunny

© bebemoss

Rabbits will always, always have a place in the plush toys category, and why not? Their furry, loveable persona is something that has always inspired us ever since we were kids…and this minimalist take is something we’ve been waiting for! This handmade crochet toy from bebemoss is made with organic cotton yarn and certified OEKO Tek poly stuffing, so you’re assured of its quality and safety. Very shabby chic!

Sea Animals – BigStuffed

 pepeandika giant teddy bear and friends bigstuffed big grey wale

© BigStuffed

Yep, you heard that right! We’ve got not one, but two contenders from BigStuffed Paris discovered at KID Show Paris – the Big Grandpa Whale and Big Albino Octopus, and we were more than amazed by what we saw. These sea animals have captured our hearts, and it’s out to get your seal of approval too. If you’re the type to delve away from the giant teddy bear stereotypes when it comes to gift giving, then this is your chance!

pepeandnika giant teddy bear and friends bigstuffed grey

© BigStuffed

Made with the finest cotton and acrylic faux fur, you’ll surely give your child the comfiest sleepy time buddy ever. These babies are too huggable to be true! Take your pick between the endearing whale, or the borderline-chic albino octopus…or choose both. Yep. That sounds good.

Silver Bunny – Jellycat

pepeandnika giant bunny cuddly toy from jellycat

© Jellycat

What’s silver with long ears and a cuddly facade? It’s the Bashful Silver Bunny from Jellycat, and it’s out to be your child’s next sleepy time buddy! Take it from us, because this 100% polyester bunny is as comfy as ever. It even comes in an array of colors and sizes to choose from, so you wouldn’t have to worry! Still, we think that silver and all things sparkly does the trick.

And that ends our list of fascinating cuddly toys and plushies that you and your child will surely enjoy having ‘round! Make sleepy time an enjoyable and comfortable one by giving your kids a companion that they’ll surely cherish and remember for the rest of their lives. Have a night filled with warm hugs and sweet dreams!




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