As the Holidays are fast approaching, so is another year! 2016 will soon be over, and we’ll soon be celebrating New Year’s Eve – in a few weeks, we’ll be out in our fancy outfits, enjoying the festivities. It’s a wonderful sight, and we’re pretty sure that your kids wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun, especially the girls who are slowly becoming little fashionistas like their mothers (wink, wink). They’d also want to celebrate and keep late hours while looking festive like their parents in roaring glitter and metallics, or energizing hues that represent the season. This is definitely the time to consider buying girls party dresses from  a multitude of possibilities available.

It’s a tough feat, but we’ve managed to do it – we’ve created a list of gorgeous girls party dresses and skirts for your little one to wear this New Year! We hope you enjoy scrolling through.


Pepe&Nika Selection of

Girls Party Dresses


Hubble + Duke Tutu Navy

Instead of the usual skirt or jeans, why don’t you dress your princess in a cute tutu that’ll spark her ballerina dreams? Made from tulle with cotton lining in a cool navy color, this floaty tutu is definitely the real deal. It’s made to accentuate any outfit, as it comes with various layers, an elastic waist panel and a beautiful bow in front.

Hubble + Duke, a brand that hails from Western Australia, likes keeping it classy and clean with a contemporary twist. Still, it doesn’t take away the childlike features of their collection, as they still give your kids that “adorable” factor. They have items that are handmade to order, which uses quality materials that are non-toxic and organic.

pepenika girls party dresses floaty tutu © Hubble + Duke

Búho Ballet Stars Skirt

Letting your little girl dress in a starry skirt this New Year is something quintessential, and with the Búho Ballet Stars Skirt, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything at all. This double face stars skirt with tulle and lace will make her stand-out above the rest!

Búho is a brand that’s dedicated to giving your child “an array of colors, exclusive prints, and soft, carefully nurtured fabrics”. They provide a way for your little one to enjoy going about without sacrificing comfort, which we are truly happy about.

pepenika girls party dresses buho skirt tutu ballerina© Búho

Little Karl Marc John Pleated A-Line Skirt

Every budding fashionista will love Little Karl Marc John for coming up with such an innovative, pleated A-line skirt! This one specifically comes in a magnificent navy blue color and gold elastic waist that would accentuate any outfit very well. It’s made with neoprene, cotton and spandex, and is as comfortable as it can be.

Little Karl Marc John is a tribute to its big brother (its namesake, minus the ‘Little’), a family business that has stood the test of generations. Today, it brings a fresh perspective on fashion as it brings a trendy, urban vibe to the fashion scene. It appeals to parents who would want to dress their kids with hip, basic pieces while being practical, since their prices are always affordable!

pepenika girls party dresses littlemarcjacobs skirt © Little Karl Marc John

Simple Kids Silk Dress

Let your princess sparkle with this Silk Spot Dress by Simple Kids! Made with luxurious mixed silk voile and polyester, this snug piece will definitely be your girl’s next favorite. Trust us when we say that blue and gold in girls party dresses will always look good. A perfect combo, indeed!

Proudly made in Belgium, Simple Kids does it best in revolutionizing kids clothing with beautiful cuts, quality fabrics, eye-catching details and more. The brand has a penchant for vintage, retro fashion, which is something we adore about them.

pepenika girls party dresses simple kids skirt silk © Simple Kids

Tutu by Noé & Zoë

Tutus are definitely coming in an assortment of colors and sizes, and we’re definitely getting in on the trend happily – this Noé & Zoë Berlin Tutu is definitive proof! Make your little girl shine with this exquisite double layer tulle summer cape made with nylon and spandex, which makes playtime a breeze.

The creators of Noé & Zoë Berlin were able to polish their unique sense of style because of their respective backgrounds in costume and film. This is reflected deeply into their designs, with their selection of timeless patterns, bold colors and prints that are truly one-of-a-kind. Every piece is special!

pepenika girls party dresses noe zoe pink tutu© Noé & Zoë Berlin

Stella McCartney Kids India Star Dress

We are going ga-ga over this India Star Dress by Stella McCartney Kids! This one’s definitely made for your little star to wear on New Year’s Day…and can we talk about how the midnight blue shade provides a beautiful contrast to the spectrum of colors the stars provide? Talk about being a winner.

If you’re looking for a more immaculate take on the ‘stars’ design, then this Misty Mesh Star Dress may be at par with your tastes. It comes with a round neck, long sleeves and adorable gold star patches that gather into a beautiful sparkle.

Stella McCartney Kids is a dream come true for parents who’d want to dress their kids in designer, nonetheless. As a lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney does not use any leather or fur in her designs, so you can just imagine how good their creations are for our environment! The brand captures the grace and spirit of youth, so you’ll surely love what they have in store for you.

pepenika girls party dresses stella mc cartney kids girls india mesh star dress© Stella McCartney Kids

Wovenplay Blue and White Silk Tutu

This Blue and White Silk piece by Wovenplay comes with an integrated bodysuit, so you’ll surely let your kids enjoy the best of both worlds (a two-in-one, if you will). It’s handmade from silk satin and cotton tulle, which are both comfortable and oh-so luxurious to wear. Also, the design elements on this one are eye-catching (Italian shell paillettes and white feathers).

Wovenplay inspires parents to dress their kids in artisan clothing. It spells creative fashion for the everyday artist and adventurer, since the brand is appreciative of art and traditional craftsmanship. Tinted with natural dyes and made with organic, biodegradable materials, their products are truly good for your child. You wouldn’t have to worry!

pepenika girls party dresses wovenplay kidsfashion dress© Wovenplay

Paade Mode Autumn Tunic Dress

A tunic dress for your little one? We didn’t think it was possible, until this Paade Mode Autumn Tunic Dress, was created. Embroidered to perfection, this jersey piece comes with a string waistline that’s readily adjustable. It’s perfect as an autumn/winter dress – very versatile, indeed!

Paade Mode is a Latvian-based label owned and designed by Linda Raituma. It is well-represented by both established designers and budding style icons alike, as their meeting of minds creates waves in the fashion industry. You’ve got to admit though, their creations are promising!

pepeandnika girls party dresses paade mode kidfashion longsweater© Paade Mode

Soft Gallery Vigdis Dress

This Soft Gallery Vigdis Dress is an ultra-chic find that you’ll surely adore! Knitted to perfection, it has pockets and an elastic waistband to make outfit changes a breeze. It has a killer design, to boot – millenials will swoon over this piece!

Founded in 2007, Soft Gallery creates “poetic luxury children’s clothing” where they convert ideas into prints and hand embroideries, giving their own take of the season’s theme. Design-wise, they are the ones to beat, that’s for sure!

pepenika girls party dresses softgallery girls vigdis dress© Soft Gallery

Mini Rodini Rabbit Velour Dress

This dark blue-colored velour ensemble with a straight fit by Mini Rodini is all sorts of wonderful – made with long raglan sleeves and a light blue rabbit patch with embroidered edges at the chest, your princess will surely earn all the attention on New Year’s Eve. Way to go! It’s 100% cotton, so your child can play along and dance comfortably while looking good as ever.

Mini Rodini is a children’s wear brand from Sweden founded by Cassandra Rhodin, an illustrator, as a tribute to children and their never-ending imagination. The company takes their ethical and sustainable commitment very seriously, so it’s definitely more points for humanity!

pepenika girls party dresses minirodini girls rabbit velour dress blue© Mini Rodini

Bang Bang Copenhagen Black Python Dress

Flash report: Kids too can party. They could dance around and play while wearing the most stylish pieces…like this Bang Bang Copenhagen Party Python Dress in black for instance. It definitely earns an award in our hearts, as it boasts an iridescent sequin snake in front which provides a unique contrast to its black, long sleeve design.

pepenika girls party dresses bang bang copenhagen dress black snake© Bang Bang Copenhagen

Bang Bang Copenhagen White Swan Dress

However, for the more-conservative folks in the house, this White Swan Dress may do the trick. It’s a statement piece, too, so your kids will surely look fab with it! Pair these babies with boots and leggings, and your girls will have a great night ahead!

pepenika girls party dresses bang bang copenhagen funky dress swan© Bang Bang Copenhagen

Bang Bang Copenhagen fuses “high-fashion, with a conceptual outlook” in every collection, with an array of comfortable streetwear and everyday finds to choose from. Functional at best, you wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to dress your kids with this funky label!

And that’s the last of ‘em! We hope you were able to spot your little girl’s next outfit from our extensive list, just in time for the holidays! Girls party dresses should be eye-catching and comfortable to wear – nothing more, nothing less! Enjoy the season in style (however cold), and good luck!


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