Ho, ho, ho! Is it me or is it really starting to get chilly? Winter is definitely coming ladies, and we are super-excited for the holidays! While we dig-in on our own pile of nightgowns and blankets, we’d have to think of the little ones too…and experienced mothers as we are, we may sometimes run out of ideas for our darling’s night outfit and kids pajamas. It plays a big part in their comfort, and in giving them (and us, hopefully) a good night’s sleep.

Dressing kids is but a complex realm in itself, and with all the sizes and designs to choose from, there has got to be a way to clothe them with safe materials that are also eco-friendly. There are a lot of kids pajamas available on the market, but do they necessarily keep your little ones warm effectively and comply with the necessary standards that protect our environment? Well, not really.

With that being said, we’ve got 11 kids pajamas that are eco-friendly and will surely give your little tots a good night’s sleep. Check ‘em out!

Pepe&Nika Selection of

Kids Pajamas


mói Pajamas in Shade of Blue

Hipster is definitely in! If you’re looking for minimalist pajamas for your little one, then this pair of pajamas in a shade of blue will definitely earn your seal of approval! Made with only the comfiest 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane, you’ll surely dress your kids with the best.

mói is a Scandinavia-based urban children’s brand that focuses on stylish, sustainable fashion. They use responsible and ethical production methods to create their collections, which totally rock!

pepenika moi kids pajamas organic cotton kids blue

© mói

SNORK Copenhagen – Black Lounge Nightdress

Nightwear doesn’t have to be such a drab, thanks to the SNORK Copenhagen Black Lounge Nightdress! Cozy, cool and comfortable are just few of the words to describe how a joy it is to wear this piece…because it’s not too early for your kids to experience luxury after such a long day.

SNORK Copenhagen is out to redefine children’s nightwear that come in a unique range of colors and designs. All of their pieces are made of pure, organic materials that are simply sustainable, eco-friendly and safe to wear. Let your child relax and have a good night’s sleep with a SNORK piece in tow!

kids pajamas SNORK Copenhagen Black Lounge Nightdress

© SNORK Copenhagen

Atticus and Gilda – Betty Pajamas

These Atticus and Gilda Betty Pajamas! The pair comes with a short sleeved top and bloomers that are super breezy and comfortable to wear. This will definitely be your kid’s nightwear staple! Made with 100% cotton, you’ll never have to worry about anything at all. It even comes in an assortment of colors to choose from!

After helping create many hit musical productions, the brains behind Atticus and Gilda, Lucy Gaiger and Conchita Maria-Scott, created their own brand which is deeply inspired by the colors and sights used in theater. Their creations are made with organic cotton, linen and silk, and you’ll surely love their unique array of designs.

pepenika atticusandgilda nightdress girls kids pyjamas creme

© Atticus & Gilda

Moonlight Nightdress by Koeka

Keep your little princess snug with the Koeka Moonlight Nightdress! It comes in the perfect shape and with endearing little details – truly, a fine one to wear every sleepy time. It has long sleeves with ribbed cuffs, center pleats and a ribbon bow, design elements that are ultra-feminine and dainty.

The Dutch clothing brand Koeka traces back to 1998, when it was created by Margareth de Haas and Jeannette Kraaijeveld – two designers who are experienced in the fashion industry. Their clothes are set to be fashionable and functional at the same time, so your kids could experience playing and moving around comfortably while wearing a Koeka outfit.

pepenika koeka kids pajamas nightdress girls mint

© koeka

Emile et Ida – Velour Eyes Zelie Pajamas

This Emile et Eda Velour Eyes Zelie piece is one of our frontrunners when it comes to kids pajamas, and why not? It’s made with only the most luxurious cotton, velvet and lurex, which will surely make sleepy time comfortable for your little one. It has long sleeves and popper buttons on the back for extra measure, and an embroidered rabbit design which is endearing and oh-so cute!

A brand that started out from humble beginnings, Emile et Ida is one that you should watch out for, mainly because they produce designs that are straight-up practical and charming to wear (even for everyday use). The brand is also compliant with European labor laws that empower workers, which is something commendable.

pepenika emileetida kids pajamas supersoft black

© Emile et Ida

Jax & Hedley – Pocket Onesie

This slouchy, oversized harem style Onesie from Jax & Hedley is honestly everything we’re looking for in a nighttime outfit…and more! Made with the comfiest Italian peached cotton, the piece has popper on the back and in the crotch for easy adjustments and diaper changes. Your kids will thank you for this one, that’s a guarantee!

Inspired by two men who lived life with a passion for adventure, Jax & Hedley is a brand that aims to inspire and break the mould of modern fashion (something that’s reflected deeply on their collections). Watch out for their one-of-a-kind pieces that will surely keep you wanting for more!

kids pajamas jax and hedley pocket onesie

© Jax & Hedley

Little Winnie Blossom Nightie

The Little Winnie Blossom Nightie is made with organic cotton that’s hand spun and hand woven – perfect for your little one’s sensitive skin! The piece comes in a perfect shape that’s perfect for flocking around and sleeping in. Ultra-feminine and delicate, this nightie will leave your little girl relaxed and ready for the night.

Little Winnie is an environment-conscious label that works with materials that are handwoven. They have super adorable designs that will surely make sleeping a joy for your little one. Golden slumbers for your kids, now that’s note-worthy!

kids pajamas little winnie blossom nightie

© Little Winnie

Little Auggie Cobalt Stripe Pajamas

Apart from onesies and nightgowns, you may want to keep it basic and stick with the usual shirt-and-pants combo for your little tot. If that’s the case, we have these Little Auggie Cobalt Stripe pajamas to suit your tastes. This pair of long johns are super soft and breezy, and your kid will love how mobile they can be wearing ‘em!

Sisters Gen & Christina Burgess are the brains behind Little Auggie, and have founded their baby and child lifestyle brand in the hopes of producing kids pajamas that both spell comfort and style for any wearer. Now they are also venturing into sleepwear, which are also TDF (to die for)!

little auggie cobalt stripe kids pajamas

© Little Auggie

Moumout – Moli the Night Gown

If you want a cozy, warm nightgown that gives a luxe vibe (something that’s fit for your little angel), you’d probably want to check out this Moumout Moli the Night Gown! Keep it sweet and pretty for your girl with 100% breathable cotton, something that would surely give any kid a good night’s sleep (it’s hypoallergenic and safe to use too, since it contains no harsh chemicals).

Aside from creating such commendable and innovative designs, Moumout is “very engaged in choosing the best quality in fabrics” for their products, using only those which are safe and 100% chemical free. Expect garments that are timeless, durable and practical for everyday use!

kids pajamas MOUMOUT Moli the Night Gown

© Moumout

Panda and the Sparrow – Coral and Natural Bamboo Grow

Stripes are definitely in with this Panda and the Sparrow Coral and Natural Bamboo Grow! Made with natural bamboo viscose and organic cotton, your baby will surely love how comfortable this is. It has a natural thermoregulating effect (because of the bamboo component), making it ideal for the changing seasons. You can even fold back its hands and feet parts to give some allowance for growth (saving you money on mitts and socks).

Panda and the Sparrow is a brand that’s committed to producing only the best for your baby. Their creations use lots and lots of bamboo cloth, which is hypoallergenic, breathable and UV resistant! Now that’s something you should consider.

Panda and the Sparrow Coral and Natural Bamboo Grow kids pajamas

© Panda and the Sparrow

Soft Gallery – Fantasy Print Elliot Pajamas

We’re all about the fantasy print, hun! These Soft Gallery Elliot Pajamas are definitely the comfiest basic pair to wear for bigger kids. You don’t have to worry about it being too subdued, even though it comes in the most basic grey color, mainly because it has cute prints on ‘em. What a way to sleep tight!

Founded in 2007, Soft Gallery creates “poetic luxury children’s clothing” where they convert ideas into prints and hand embroideries, giving their own take of the season’s theme. Design-wise, they are the ones to beat, that’s for sure!

Soft Gallery Native Americans Elliot kids Pajamas

© Soft Gallery

We’ve reached the end of our list, ladies! Kids clothing may seem like a smorgasbord of choices, but being mothers with great concern for both our little ones and the Earth, it may seem like a daunting task to choose what’s best – combining style, comfort and sustainability is very much important.

Were you able to find some favorites among our list of kids pajamas? We sure hope so! Grab one (or two… or three… or…) now, and let your child experience a good night’s sleep.


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