In our last article, we already told you about the wonderful premiere of Playtime in Berlin and presented our most favorite children’s fashion. However, Playtime has more to offer than beautiful outfits only.

In addition to all the clothing and shoes, we were also fascinated by several brands and their creative kids room ideas: handmade bio-cotton cuddly toys, children’s furniture inspired by Montessori, elegant wooden jewelry for both moms and daughters, and awesome prints to decorate the walls of a colorful kids room.

These are the brands that really captivated us with their stories and products.

emiko – handmade plushies from Austria

The story behind the label emiko is as pleasant as its founder: Emiko Fujinaga is an Austrian educated graphic designer with Japanese roots. Thanks to her insomnia, she was able to turn her hobby into a profession. After a hectic day at the agency she just couldn’t fall asleep, so she took a large piece of paper and painted big circles to calm down.

pepe and nika playtime berlin kids room ideas emiko cuddly toys organic cotton from AustriaEmiko Fujinaga founder of emiko at Playtime Berlin © Pepe&Nika

Her circular motions gradually formed organic shapes and soon the first cutting pattern for the beautiful cuddly animals was born: Waltraud, the whale! In the same night Jaques the giraffe, Elfitant the elephant, joined outright the soft and cuddly Emiko´s animals family.

pepe and nika playtime berlin kids room ideas emiko cuddly toys organic cotton from AustriaJochen the Ray and Waltraud the Whale – by emiko kids room ideas from Austria © Pepe&Nika

The voluminous Waltraud soon decorated a whole pharmacy window and was so sought-after that Emiko could not get a break from sewing. This is now already seven years ago, but every single animal is still handmade by Emiko and has its own story.

The plushies are made from 100% organic cotton and can be washed in the washing machine thanks to their polyester filling. They are popular among adults as well as children due to their delicate pastel colors and cute shapes.

We have seen the love that is behind their manufacture and we are quite impressed!

pepe and nika playtime berlin kids room ideas emiko cuddly toys organic cotton from AustriaWaltraud the Whale with Baby Whale by emiko © Pepe&Nika

Coclico – children’s furniture inspired by the philosophy of Montessori (newcomer)

Elise Opezzo-Burger, designer and founder of the children’s furniture concept Coclico, had a vision to create space for children. This space should not be located outside of the adult area, but right in the middle.

Child-friendly furniture emerged: It does not only grow with the child but can also be easily moved by small hands and arms. According to the child-friendly adaptation of the motto “do-it-yourself“ or as Maria Montessori emphasized “not the child should adapt to its environment, but the environment should adapt to the child”.

Pepe and nika playtime berlin kids room ideas kinderzimmerideen coclico furniture for kids montessorichildren furniture by Coclico at Playtime Berlin © Pepe&Nika

Elise, being a mother of a boy and trained Montessori educator, knows what she is talking about. In our conversation, she inspired us with her bright and enthusiastic narrative style and her high spirits for a loving and independent childhood.

Pepe and nika playtime berlin kids room ideas kinderzimmerideen coclico furniture for kids montessoriElise Opezzo-Burger founder of Coclico at Playtime Berlin © Pepe&Nika

Coclico was founded in germany in the spring of this year and was definitely the little hatchling on the Playtime Berlin! Their furniture is made out of 100% natural materials, such as oak. Covers made of felt provide comfort and a cozy look. One of the best kids room ideas in our opinion!

Pepe and nika playtime berlin kids room ideas kinderzimmerideen coclico furniture for kids montessorikids room ideas by Coclico at Playtime Berlin © Pepe&Nika

mamaradscha – finest jewelry for kids and mothers

Jewelry that is loved by daughters and moms alike is quite rare. Astrid Biemel, founder of mamaradscha and mother of three kids, knows how to delight both generations. The minimalistic hair ties made of pastel-colored wooden spheres decorate mom’s arm as well as her daughter’s braid. They do not only look stunning but are also made from local trees and use environmentally friendly colors that are able to withstand a lot of fun and games, according to their designer.

pepe and nika playtime berlin kids room ideas kinderzimmerideen mamaradscha jewelry from Germany wooden hair tieWooden jewelry by mamaradscha at Playtime Berlin © Pepe&Nika

Noé & Zoë – from Berlin trendsetter to wall decorator

The Berlin label Noé & Zoë still maintain their fancy and colorful designs. Summer 2018 is going to be even more colorful (hard to imagine, right?!) Nici Zinell stole multiple shades from the rainbow’s beautiful selection of colors and applied them to the new collection to emphasize their beautiful designs and patterns. That’s as much as they were allowed to reveal at the moment.

However, we have more news: Thanks to their cooperation with the textile printing factory spoonflower you will soon be able to decorate your room with wallpapers covered in the beautiful prints by Noé & Zoë. The best thing about this: the colorful wallpapers stick extremely well and can also be easily removed any time. One of the best kids room ideas for trendy city nomads.

pepe and nika playtime berlin noe and zoe kids room ideas nici zinell colleague adele catelainOwner Nici Zinell and her Sales Manager Adèle Catelain (from right to left) at Playtime Berlin © Pepe&Nika

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