You really would like to try the latest kids summer clothes, but it is still way too cold outside! What are you going to do?! You are going to the botanical garden! One of the most beautiful botanical gardens is located in Berlin. You couldn’t ask for a more suitable location than the greenhouses with their tropical plants and tropical temperatures to try on the latest summer collection by LOVE kidswear!

We had the chance to get a taste of the Caribbean and Southeast Asia while strolling among giant bamboo, liana and exotic bromeliads. We discovered outlandish plants and observed koi-carps while we were crossing a small stream next to a waterfall.

pepe and nika love at botanical garden with kids summer clothes by lovekidswearPepe and Nika in a cosy tête-à-tête

Pepe and Nika were running around as much as they could, despite the tropical temperatures. The beautiful kids summer clothes proved to be a perfect fit for this adventure! Our kids felt incredibly comfy in the comfortable summer outfits made by the label located in Munich.

The Label LOVE kidswear by Franziska Bergmiller has only been founded recently in 2015. Nevertheless, we were following their exceptional designs with their childlike prints, elegant colors, and cuts suitable for daily use closely. The summer collection of 2017 is fun, light, very classy, and elegant.

Pepe is wearing the blouson “HUGO” with raglan sleeves in denim style – our ultimate favorite of the boys’ collection. Classy but with a casual cut – an absolute all-rounder that can be worn at festive occasions as well as for casual activities such as playing outside or getting ice cream on a vernal afternoon in the summer.

The summer look is completed with the brief “CARLO” shorts and adds an almost sportive touch. Pepe’s almost grown-up outfit is loosened up by the sweet “Cosmo” long sleeve with its serpent theme. We think this is a really nice outfit that looks modern while capturing a childlike spirit.

pepe and nika love at botanical garden with kids summer clothes by lovekidswearLongsleeve ‘Cosmo’ by LOVE kidswear with serpent theme

Our sweet Nika is watching Pepe gracefully while he is crossing a small pond. Nika’s romantic appearance is underlined by her playful jersey dress “COCO” with its three different pastel colors: Our little lollipop loving tropical princess.

pepe and nika at botanical garden berlin with summer clothes by lovekidswearNika´s Outfit: playful jersey dress “COCO” by LOVE kidswear

pepe and nika love at botanical garden with summer clothes by lovekidswear

While this might not quite be as princess-like, she could pass as a cool urban girl with this amazing outfit. The Cosmo shirt features a sweet blob imitating print that reminds us of our kids’ first drawing attempts. It feels soft on the skin and its delicate thin cloth makes it a perfect fit for our summer wardrobe.

Nika is wearing the vibrant skirt “Arelie” by LOVE kid swear with its three layers of fine batiste being in perfect harmony with the lovely blob featuring shirt. Wonderfully light and comfortable: our comfy summer skirt!

pepe and nika love at botanical garden with summer clothes by lovekidswear

Many thanks to Franziska and LOVE kidswear for letting us try a selection from her beautiful kids summer clothes line. It was a pleasure to see how comfortable our kids felt dressed in clothes of the latest summer collection. All of us had a wonderful afternoon and lots of fun!

Nadja Fleischer

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Nadja (35) is a real Berliner, but absolutely no local patriot. She is the second half of Pepe & Nika and lives together with her son Pepe (4) in a 2-room apartment in children-friendly Prenzlauer Berg.

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