Temporary kids tattoos and body art are surefire ways to get the party started, as they allow room for your child to explore different styles and encourage their growing imagination. Just imagine the possibilities – wild animals, cool statement pieces and some adorable artsy prints are just a few of the things your child would be fawning over.  Sweet!

Especially during events like the Carnival and birthday parties, temporary kids tattoos can do their magic and spruce up any beautiful gathering (you can even include these babies as gifts and giveaways for the novelty of it). Just stick them in place and dab on some water, and these things will stay up perfectly!

At Pepe&Nika, we are all advocates of fun and beautiful stuff (with some considerations of course), and today we’ll be showing you some of our favorite brands when it comes to temporary kids tattoos. These items are non-toxic and contain NO harmful substances, so your little ones will be safe. Be sure to get these items for you and your kids!


Tattly believes that “great design and art can make people happy”, and boy, we sure are glad with their kooky and super cute tattoos! The American label is making a statement, as their products are designed by professional artists who get a cut of every sale. Since their tattoos are printed with vegetable-based ink, these pretties are safe and non-toxic. Kids and millenials alike are going ga-ga for Tattly!

Here are just a few of our favorites from their growing line:

Pepe&Nika Tattly temporary kids tatoos you rule© Tattly

Pepe&Nika Tattly temporary kids tatoos youare turquoise late© Tattly

Pepe&Nika Tattly temporary kids tatoos lightning bolts© Tattly


Kids tattoos from the Swiss? You better believe it! Tattyoo is the one to watch out for, a brand with a “highly emotive range that appeals to both parents and children alike”. Designed with the highest security standards (since they are definitely safe and non-toxic), you wouldn’t have to worry about ‘em! Clean-up is a breeze too, just grab some rubbing alcohol, sanitizer, baby oil or your good ol’ sticky tape and they will be erased like a charm.

Their designs, for reference:


Pepe&Nika Tattyoo temporary kids tatoos funny animals© Tattyoopepeandnika tattyoo kids tattoos funky colorful non-toxic fun gift accessoire party

© Tattyoo

Pepe&Nika Tattyoo temporary kids tattoos mika-maki-by-audrey-jeanne© Tattyoo


Uncommon Goods Monster Hand Tattoo Sets

You will never go wrong with Uncommon Goods, as their selection of unique knickknacks has led us to discovering this gem:  presenting, the Monster Hand Tattoo Sets! You can transform your hand into a work of art with these goodies, which is a “fun new take on hand puppets”.  Non-toxic and easy to use, you can make playtime an enjoyable activity with these temporary kids’ tattoos!

Pepe&Nika Uncommon goods temporary kids tattoos Monster Hand Tattoos © Uncommon Goods

French Blossom’s Tattoofab Line

We are all about supporting new and upcoming designers, and French Blossom is doing just that! Their line Tattoofab features carefully curated designs (created by the French, no less) that will surely keep your child excited. They have an assortment of unique temporary tattoos that portray savannah animals, fairies, dinosaurs, and so much more.

Pepe&Nika French Blossom temporary kids tattoos for girls© French Blossom

Pepe&Nika French Blossom temporary kids tattoos for boys© French Blossom


Designer temporary tattoos? You bet! Hailing from Canada, Gumtoo tattoos are filled with whimsical touches and upbeat shapes that’ll surely challenge your perception about temporary tattoos. They feature new designers and their creations, which is an empowering move. Hats-off to them! You can check out their official website and their Etsy shop below.

Pepe&Nika gumtoo temporary kids tattoos superheroes funky© Gumtoo

Pepe&Nika gumtoo temporary kids tattoos superheroes funky© Gumtoo

Mói and iglo+indi

Yes, you heard that one right! These two European brands (both from Scandinavia and Iceland, respectively) also have their own designs in the temporary kids’ tattoo department, so you’d better make your purchases! It’s good to note that they send out complimentary giveaways with every order – hopefully, someday in the future, they’ll sell them as separate items in the shop.  We’re crossing our fingers for updates!

Pepeandnika iglo indi temporary kids' tatoos heart © Pepe&Nika – iglo+indi tattoo

Pepeandnika moi temporary kids' tatoos bird© Pepe&Nika – Mói tattoo


Did the temporary tattoo craze just occur to you? These designs are the ones to watch! Pick one (or two… or three…) for you and your child to share, and you’ll definitely have a grand time. Stick it on!


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