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Minimono is a declaration of love for all the lovely little things life gives us. Minimono is like a bright and lucid room that emanates with ease the air of having discovered the true beauty of simplicity.Minimono is quiet, unobtrusive, subtle and delicate, like the label’s founder herself. Andrea Sanglas lives together with her daughter and husband in Barcelona. The architect loves to get to the bottom of things and to bring these issues to the surface. Something you can see in her shirt collections for babies and children. People preferring it wild and colourful won’t find what they are looking for in minimono’s collections. Those, however, who admire clear forms and lines, and who appreciate caution as a valuable trait will love minimono.
We asked Andrea Sanglas a couple of personal questions and received a great impression of her and her stunning label. What kind of clothes she loved most when she was a kid, what material she believes fits best for kid’s clothing, and the personal story hidden behind the awesome label name – you will read about it all in our interview…

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Tell us a bit about yourself. What is special about you? How would you describe yourself in a couple of sentences?

From very young I have lived in the world of architecture and design. I studied technical drawing, and for 15 years I had a studio dedicated to the development of architectural models. From that experience I learned to appreciate the poetry behind the details, my job required me to work in a millimeter scale, and that passion for small gestures is now present in minimono. I think that my work represents in a certain way who I am, a very sensitive quiet persone that enjoys the beauty of small things.

What was your favourite item of clothing as a child? Did you own something that was particularly special to you or that you connect with a story?

I loved heeled shoes, especially my grandma’s. I remember feeling myself like a fine lady!

How did you get the idea to make fashion for kids?

The first idea of minimono wasn’t to create a fashion brand for children, I only wanted to create t-shirts because I loved the idea that they are like a white canvas where I can express myself. But due to the success of our first collection and the experience we have gained, rapidly we realized that there is a lot of opportunities beyond the universe of t-shirts.

Since when does the label Minimono exist?

In april 2015 we launched minimono’s online store, with our first collection of t-shirts for babies. But the project started one year earlier, working in research, design, drawing a lot, and searching suppliers.

How did you find the name of the label?

The name comes from a family history. My husband jokingly called me “mono” (monkey in english) and when I got pregnant and we did not have a name for our daughter we call her “minimono”. And thus came the name of the company, we like it a lot because it has a very personal meaning for us.

Where are the materials from and where do you produce them?

The main fabric we use is organic Pima cotton with G.O.T.S certificate, imported from Peru. This cotton is one of the best for children garments. In the first year of minimono I spend a lot of time and energy finding this fabric and contacting the best producers, it has not been an easy task but working very hard we succeeded! The rest of tissues and the production is made entirely in Barcelona and Mataro, a town near to Barcelona where there is an important textile tradition and therefore many sweatshops and industry suppliers.

Minimono’s principle is ‘live a life in lines’ – Where does your lifeline take you to?

In minimono we look at things around us through a filter, a filter that decompose reality into dots and lines, this exercise of abstraction is our source of creativity. Behind this idea is the intention of finding the essence of the world we live in, and transform it into freehand drawings aimed at boosting the imagination of children who wears our clothes.

Where do you get the ideas and inspiration for your collections from?

The ideas and inspiration come from everywhere, since I get up in the morning I am attentive to everything what happens around me. I observe a lot my daughter, analysing what are her interests, what catches her attention and of course, what are the things she likes. And also, I have the privilege of living in Barcelona, a city which is a great source of inspiration, close to the sea, sunny, with a wonderful blue sky, surrounded by mountains, and with creative and talented people everywhere.

What other kids label do you admire (next to your own of course)?

I don’t know so much, now I begin to know them but right now I like Gray label, Nico Nico, Babbà, Motoreta, Littlecreativefactory, etc ..

Please finish the sentence: “Children are great because….”

“…they always say what they think, they are authentic”

We thank Andrea for the insights she gave us on her life and her label – and the love for the detail she passes on. We wish Andrea all the best for the future and her beautiful kidslabel continued growth and success! 

And here you can have a look at our selection of  Minimono!

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