When moms create kids fashion usually something amazing originates, so we ask ourselves: what can we expect if these moms are sisters?! We were curious to find out what and who stands behind the unique and creative designs of Wolf & Rita. The kids label from Guimarães, Portugal with its artistic approach belongs to the sisters Sónia and Cláudia Rocha who couldn’t be more different.

34-year old Cláudia, the designer of Wolf & Rita’s collections, is an easy-going, always smiling kind of person. Sónia on the other hand, the older one of the two, is a more practical type, regarding things from a rational point of view. She is the successful label’s sales manager. Still, or perhaps because of their differences, this sibling connection works perfectly.

Indeed so well that they decided four years ago to create a business together, founding Wolf & Rita. Placing high emphasis on design and thriving of the family-owned company, Wolf & Rita now belong to Portugal’s most successful kids fashion labels. 

pepeandnika wolfandrita kids fashion from portugal sisters© Wolf & Rita – Sónia & Cláudia Rocha

How did you get the idea to make fashion for kids?

Our father owns a company and he has been producing shirts for a long a time. My sister and I (although we have different work backgrounds) recently came to join the company and we thought of continuing his work but also to start something new, something that we could call our own. We thought that childrens wear was a fascinating market, and since we already produced shirts, to start with a shirts collection made more sense, and so Wolf & Rita was born. 

What did you before Wolf & Rita? What did you learn and/or work?

With a background in Interior Design and Fashion, Cláudia has worked in Inditex for the brand Uterque and other textile companies before deciding to create Wolf & Rita. The unique creations of W & R are her entire responsibility. Sónia has studied Psychology and Traditional Chinese Medicine and has an academic background in Sciences. She has worked as psychologist and acupuncturist before joining the adventure of the family business and creating Wolf & Rita.

The two of you are siblings? Fantastic! Do you guys have many things in common or are you rather different? How do you manage your daily business routine? Who does what?

It is really good because we are family and we get along really well, we have similar tastes and we know when can trust each other 100%.  At Wolf & Rita we do completely different things: Cláudia is the responsible for the conception and development of each collection, whilst Sónia is responsible for sales, production, customer satisfaction and press contacts. Each other is able to manage its own routine, although we end up helping each other frequently!

What are you (the two of you) really good at?

Cláudia is good at designing and dealing with all the creative process. Sónia is good with numbers and the organization processes. It is a kind of yin and yang balance as one compensates for the other’s faults.

pepeandnika wolf&rita kids fashion label from portugal sonia and claudia interview kidslabel children© Wolf & Rita – Sónia Rocha in her workspace

© Wolf & Rita

Since when does the label Wolf & Rita exist?

W & R was created in 2013.

What means Wolf & Rita and how did you find the name of the label?

The Portuguese word LOBO translates into English as WOLF. Being Wolf & Rita a family business, created by two sisters, in their father company, with the husband of one of them as a photographer and their kids being the models in the lookbook, the natural decision was to use the family name in the brand. They translated Lobo into Wolf and used Rita, the name of Carlos and Sónia younger daughter, also because they wanted to use both Portuguese and English words, to indicate the international position of the brand.

Where are the materials from and where do you produce them?

Our fabrics and trimmings are always locally outsourced. We aim to present the tag 100% Made in Portugal as a proof of quality, but also as a means of supporting our local community. All our workers are employed locally and live within a 15 miles distance from the company. All the fabrics and trimmings are bought and produced by companies located within a 25 miles distance from our company. Our catalogues are also printed and produced by a local charity organization that gives home and support to children in need.

What was your favorite item of clothing as a child? Did you own something that was particularly special to you or that you connect with a story?

Cláudia: I remember a special rounded denim mini-skirt I had, with a pink  and a green ribbon which I loved to use to dance the ‘lambada’, a brazilian song from the soap operas from that time. I just loved it.

Where do you get the ideas and inspiration for your collections from?

The main inspirations behind Wolf & Rita collections are usually visual artists whose work we appreciate. We also read a lot of magazines, not only fashion magazines but also lifestyle magazines like Cereal, Apartamento, etc. At Wolf & Rita we try to find inspiration on creative people, people that have broken rules and boundaries and by doing so, created their own path and identity. That is something we strive for!

What can we expect from Wolf & Rita by summer 2017?

SS17 is a summer collection full of colour and beautifully shaped garments, as usual. We will present a small adult collection and also a special and unique collaboration with a French brand – Wolf & Rita x Castelbajac Paris.

What other kids label do you admire (next to your own of course)?

We like Bobo Choses, not only their work but the people in the team and their vision of the fashion world. Conceptually we admire Caroline Bosman’s world. But we have made great friends along the way and we like a lot Little Creative Factory, Motoreta, Tiny Cottons. This looks like a sort of Iberian power!

Where do you see yourself and your label in three years from now?

Wolf & Rita wants to be keep growing in a steady path, maintaining a great team spirit and to be respectful to our work ethics. For us the person who stitches the garment is as important as the person who will wear it. We really hope to be able to continue creating garments that are inspiring for us and to the others. So in 3 years we hope to be at the same place, but with three times more the Sales points )

Please finish the sentence: “Children are great because….

…they are honest and spontaneous.

Take a look at this little preview of Wolf & Rita’s current SS 2017 collection.

This summer’s going to be hot and at Wolf & Rita it’s going to be colourful too. Cool prints, strong colours and outside-the-box designs such as the bodysuit with its rock applications or the black and white overall.

Feeling only two feet tall? Only figuratively! People will talk about Wolf & Rita’s summer collection this year, that’s for sure!

Watch out! Using the discount code PEPEANDNIKA will give you 10% off all Wolf & Rita products in their online store on the 20th of January 2017. To shop visit Wolf & Rita´s website. Happy shopping 🙂 !

Pepeandnika SS17 Wolf&Rita Overall Boys©Wolf & Rita x Castelbajac Paris – SS17

Pepeandnika wolf & rita ss 2017 collection kids fashion©Wolf & Rita x Castelbajac Paris – SS17

SS17 Wolf&Rita Dschungle Set Boys©Wolf & Rita x Castelbajac Paris – SS17

SS17 Wolf&Rita Girls Fashion©Wolf & Rita x Castelbajac Paris – SS17

Dear Sónia, dear Cláudia, thank you so much for this great interview! We truly appreciate your work, the design and the look of Wolf & Rita. But also your heart that’s just in the right place and with whom you hopefully continue inspiring many more mothers, fathers, grandmas and grandpas, uncles and aunts! We have to say ‘hats off’!

Interview Pepe&Nika Wolf & Rita Kidslabel kids fashion Portugal© Wolf & Rita – Sónia & Cláudia Rocha

Title image © Wolf & Rita

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