We are all for fun and excitement, the kind that makes your belly tumble and your feet run with glee. That’s why we’re celebrating all the little joys life bring…with our own version of a pajama party, complete with a full-on wardrobe brought to us by our friends at Atticus & Gilda! It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, and our kids are having a blast in their comfy attire – staying more hours in bed, jumping around with their little feet, and having some sleepy time stories (though Mr. Sun is out-a-peeking). Who says you can’t have a pajama party in the morning?

Pepe is looking as dashing as ever with his Eli in Wheat Chinese-style pajamas. With long sleeves and an elastic waist for good measure, he’s able to dance around and play before sleepy time. Note the beautiful contrast piping and patch pockets that add a kick to the whole aesthetic. We really love it on him!

© Pepe&Nika

Pepe&Nika Atticus and Gilda Pajama for Boys in detail© Pepe&Nika

Nika is out to play, too – and she looks oh-so adorable in her Betty pajamas! Won’t you look at that…the short-sleeved top with pin-tucked details and ribbons also come with some seriously sassy bloomers. She’s bouncing and really contented with her outfit, complete with an eye mask (available in a variety of styles and colors) that’s too cute for words. What a combo! Both kids have been a sport in this fantastic pajama party. We are proud!

Pepe&Nika Celebration of first Pajama Party with beautiful nightwear by kidslabel Atticus and Gilda© Pepe&Nika

Pepeandnika AtticusandGilda Pyjama for Girls with in lace detailed and a cute ribbon© Pepe&Nika

Pepe&Nika Celebration of first Pajama Party with beautiful nightwear by kidslabel Atticus and Gilda© Pepe&Nika

Created in 2012, Atticus & Gilda is a brainchild of Lucy Gaiger and Conchita-Maria Scott, as a result of many years of experience in musical theatre productions. The two costume designers then went on to launch their own line of children’s nightwear and accessories, made mostly of premium cotton, linen and silk. Their designs are nothing short of fun, whimsical and just about adorable as they can get. You’ll surely love the breath of fresh air they bring!

As we roll out into the night and fall into a deep slumber, we are always filled with hope for a brighter day.  It’s better to greet the day with a smile and a wonderful night ensemble that’s super comfy and a joy to wear. Take it from us and our kids…they’re having a blast!

‘Til next time…we hope you enjoyed our pajama party (and found some new inspiration along the way). Time to put these kids to bed!

A big shoutout and thank you to Atticus&Gilda, as they were kind enough to sponsor these beautiful pajamas for Pepe and Nika. Shooting our pajama party was a breeze, and we had a lot of fun. The kids fell in love with their new nightgowns, a very nice way to start the morning. We should do this more often.

Nadja Fleischer

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Nadja (35) is a real Berliner, but absolutely no local patriot. She is the second half of Pepe & Nika and lives together with her son Pepe (4) in a 2-room apartment in children-friendly Prenzlauer Berg.

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