We have great news for you: In addition to the trade shows Playtime Paris, New York and Tokyo, the kids fashion fair will also take place in Berlin this year. Running alongside the renowned Fashion-Week, the show will eventually bring kids fashion and design right into the heart of Berlin. On a space of 2.800 square meters in the historical Palazzo Italia close to the Brandenburg Gate, within Playtime Berlin 120 brands will present their summer collections for 2018 on July 5th and 6th, 2017.

In February we reported extensively from the Playtime in Paris which is why we are super excited that the trade show is going to premiere in our capital this year! We’re obviously going to be there to give you all the insights!

As an official partner of Playtime Berlin, we present you with an exclusive interview with Sebastian de Hutten, the co-founder of Picaflor, the family business behind Playologie and organiser of Playtime Berlin. Find out here why Berlin of all cities was chosen as a new site for the Playtime and what differentiates our capital from the other traditional Playtime shows.

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Sebastien de Hutten and his associate and sister Marie Czapska, who is Playtime’s Artistic Director.

Mr. Sebastian de Hutten, thank you for finding the time to tell us a bit more about Playtime Berlin. As you can image, we are more than curious especially as it is THE kids fashion event that we are talking about. Something that gets fashionista mums as us pretty excited! After years of successes in Paris, Tokyo and New York, having the show here in Berlin makes Berliners like us quite proud. Now we’re part of the kids fashion fair heaven, how amazing!

Please tell us the reason for bringing Playtime to Berlin and why do it now?

We’ve been noticing for quite a while that the percentage of German as well as Northern and Eastern European buyers who come to Playtime Paris is lesser that most other countries. So we felt we had to get closer and Berlin came out as the most obvious choice for a new show due to it’s geographical position, its international visibility and an increasingly successful women’s and men’s fashion week.

At a time when most brands are looking at new possibilities for their development, we felt that there was an opportunity and that our internal structure allowed us to add another city to the Playtime catalogue.

How will Playtime Berlin differ from its role model Playtime Paris?

Obviously the show will be smaller in the beginning, but big enough tough, with 120 collections, to attract buyers from Germany and other surrounding countries. From the start we wanted to launch a new kind of Playtime that would somehow be easier and more efficient for the brands: A quick set up, a presentation closer to a department store than a traditional fair, a selection that extends to lifestyle and only 2 days instead of 3.

The exhibiting brands have been made public. Can you tell us what can visitors expect to see at the show?

A unique selection that no other show in Germany can offer, a stimulating and professional environment, new ideas to help them make the difference with their business. The typical Playtime mix that’s nowhere else to find!

Does this new German location bear special potential for the show’s concept? What do you hope for in regards to the development of Playtime itself? Will Playtime Berlin have an impact?

The Palazzo Italia perfectly meets our concept and matches our need for a modern and light venue that helps forget you’re at at trade show! It’s definitely a new formula for Playtime so, if it meets success, it could indeed be the start of something new that could be applied to other regions in the world.

Showcasing a kids fashion fair in Berlin isn’t a new idea. Both the Childrens Fashion Cologne and the Cookies Show tried their luck in the capital – unfortunately unsuccessfully. What differentiates Playtime Berlin from her predecessors and what will Playtime do better?

It won’t be about doing things better or worse but about doing what we’re good at, without looking into the rear view mirror : We’re in Berlin to build an international show, to put together an amazing selection of fashion and lifestyle brands, to create an environment that’s stimulating for both brands and buyers.

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A big thank you goes out to Sébastien de Hutten and Playtime who made this interview possible. We wish all you the best for this upcoming Berlin debut!

We will carry on providing you with news and information regarding the trade show’s start. Stay tuned!

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