They say, “you can’t always get what you want”. Combining our wants and needs entirely is almost an impossible thing to do…but in the world of fashion, there’s always a way to go around the old adage – we are talking about our almost underrated yet indispensable basics! Trends may come and go like the seasons, but our well-loved ol’ faithful will never go out of style.

Simple, plain clothes that come in muted and pastel tones are a must in any wardrobe, but who’d have thought that our little ones could also catch on with this wave? Kids can also dress comfortably and fashionably like the rest of us. Since these basics are usually worn as undergarments (especially when it’s a few degrees colder outside), it’s inevitable that they come close to their skin.

Luckily, there are labels that specialize in creating unisex baby clothes that use organic and fair trade materials. Here at Pepe&Nika, we are all about combining style and social responsibility (we wrote an article about green certificate labels, you can read about it  in our blogpost here, which is exactly the reason why we are advocating for the environment, too! We know that these two things do come hand in hand, and that there’s no compromising when it comes to protecting the causes we care about and the ones we love.

That being said, here are just a few of the many brands that we believe in – and we believe that you’ll love them just as much!

Gray Label – “Organic apparel for the little minimalist”

The brand’s tagline doesn’t need much explanation – as they specialize in unisex baby clothes and kids apparel with superb designs and fitting, you will never go wrong with their minimalist appeal! The Amsterdam-based label created by Emily Gray, Gray Label (read our interview with Emily here) is all about using 100% organic fabrics, which ensure comfort and practicality. Perfect for everyday wear! Now we’re swooning hard.

pepeandnika gray label organic basics for kids and babies unisex baby clothes gots© Gray Label

pepeandnika gray label organic basics for kids and babies unisex baby clothes gots© Gray Label

Phil & Phae

Comfy chic is another way to describe Phil & Phae’s creations, which is composed mostly of “natural colors and washed out hues”. With great attention to detail and design, you can expect that you’ll be getting value for your money. The brand has a philosophy on sustainable design, with outfits made to stand the test of time and the changing seasons. Also, they have high standards when it comes to protecting the environment, as majority of their designs use organic cotton as primary material.

pepeandnika philandphae unisex baby clothes basics organic for kids longsleeve white© Phil&Phae

pepeandnika philandphae unisex baby clothes organic basics for kids longsleeve vintage pink© Phil&Phae

Goat-Milk Kidware

Goat-Milk Kidware is a brand that has so much spunk as its name! Inspired by European classics, you can say that their outfits have a high regard for mixing traditional designs with modern touches. Also, as the brand has a “resolute commitment to quality, fair trade and the environment”, they use 100% organic, pre-washed cotton and incorporate it to their designs. Their basics and underwear are the bomb when it comes to unisex baby clothes and kids apparel, that we can guarantee!

pepandnika goatandmilk unisex baby clothes organic basics for kids white dress© GOAT-MILK

pepeandnika goat milk unisex baby clothes organic basics for kids© GOAT-MILK

Serendipity Organics

Serendipity Organics specializes in apparel made according to the brand’s Scandinavian design heritage (that we totally admire!) – imagine clean lines and functionality combined into your child’s outfits! All of their styles are GOTS and Fair Trade certified, which means they are 100% organic in every way possible. This will lessen the chances of harming your child and their skin with toxic textile chemicals. Among other things, that is top priority, and the brand is stepping-up with their hip, minimalist collection!

pepeandnika serendipity organics unisex baby clothes for kids© Serendipity Organics

pepeandnika serendipity organics basics for kids© Serendipity Organics


Classic, clean designs? Mabo is the brand to beat! The brand is doing it right with their fusion of both minimalist and playful details. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Mabo is in a good place to take their designs to a whole new level – what they have in store for our kids is something we should all watch out for! Something commendable about the brand is their focus on ethical and sustainable production methods and natural fibers, which is definitely extra points for the environment.

pepeandnika mabo kids unisex baby clothes organic basics for kids ochre dress© Mabo

pepeandnika mabo kids unisex baby clothes organic basics for kids© Mabo


A brand for the small people? You heard that right! Mingo’s collection consists of “unisex baby clothes that are playful yet sophisticated”. Their outfits are out to fine tune your kids’ wardrobes – fine lines, functional fitting and a minimalist approach is always the key. With organic and eco-friendly materials sourced from Europe, you will never go wrong with dressing your kids with Mingo. Parent-tested, parent-approved!

pepeandnika mingo kids unisex baby clothes organic basics for kids underwear © Mingo – unisex baby clothes

pepeandnika mingo kids unisex baby clothes organic basics for kids© Mingo – unisex baby clothes

Well, that was a mouthful! With these brands vying for your seal of approval, you would think that dressing your kids (with eco-friendly and stylish designs) won’t be a chore anymore.

Switch up your child’s wardrobe today, and you’ll feel the difference!

Good luck, and shop away!


Title image © Gray Label

Preview image © Mingo

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